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Brain Waces Cs

Label: Endangered Species 

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acl - Infect your gut/infect your thought - cs

Bacteria Field label

acl/THe rita split cs

OFR label


ANTIchildLEAGUE / Cronaca Nera – Bruises and Bites 
Review from Zee Gee 2017 
 "1208 North Fuller Ave Apt 1"

acl - Live - NYC 8/9/18

ACL will be taking part in
'The TORMENTUM Book & CD project'
with interview & exclusive track

acl/Six Comm - HEXAS

7" INCH RELEASE 14/02/18


ACL/Cronaca Nera

Bruises and Bite Split album


& cd-r formay via



ACL 'holy ghost' review on the excellent Noise Receptor journal

ACL's Holy Ghost on Heathen Harvest Periodical
special thank you to Sage L. Weatherford and Matthew Carey

4giftgas ‎– Beausèant
ACL guest appearance on 'Cyanide' and 'Earth Inferno' 
Available in UK - EU and worldwide via Hagshadow
Note: Earth Inferno is track 4 on cd media not track 3 as it reads on sleeve

review by Giovanni Rossi on
INDUSTRIAL [r]EVOLUTION suoni e immagini - In Italian language

Holy Spirit

Release on Obsessive Fundamental Realism
Beautiful front cover by A.R.C.H.



ANTIchildLEAGUE - Ice Heart

 (Remix by Godlesstate / Patrick Leagas)

on Iron Minds compilation for download! By Body Music

ACL and Gaya Donadio appearing this book
Fight Your Own War
Power Electronics and Noise Culture
Thanks very much to the publishers and Nathan especially.

  ACL 'Holy Ghost' CD
All music and lyrics by Gaya Donadio
Cover artwork: Jukka Siikala
Digipack format - label: Hagshadow - Cat N. Hag 99 -
26/03/16 ©

ACL interview on Russian  repressed obscenities

English version  here

ACL Holy Ghost reviewed on Darkroom online.

Complulsion online UK

A very interesting review of ACL Holy Ghost album from best British zine

by Tony Dickie.


Holy ghost review on rosa selvaggia by Oflorenz

Holy Ghost on Chail DLK by Maurizio pustianaz​

New Holy Ghost review on Rockerilla April 2016 edition by Aldo Chimenti. Thank You! (Translation below)

The acronym, ACL, stands for ANTIchildLEAGUE, which is not ' NGO (non governamental organization) for child rights, but an art project headed by Gaya Donadio (6Comm) which makes anti-music a compelling ethical instrument of dissent, including great actual themes ' such as social disintegration and in vitro created family'. So ACL sound creations have the determination of the assault hit and run that rides a powerful power noise artillery  and vocal assaults to the pagan armed paroxysm. The last album, Holy Ghost is a war machine that prefers chaos to constitutional
(dis)order, which uses electronic generators as high precision noise spears, unleashing proclamations of syllabus madness and brute savagery.

ACL's Holy Ghost review on Vital Weekly 1036.
By Frans de Waard

non pop holy ghost review by endsal

ACL was Born as an experimental DIY solo project in 1997 Evolving from a postpunk collision journey to a personalised whirl. prior to 1997 i was also involved in various music projects and collectives.
ACL's industrial/experimental sounds cut-up/deconstruction unfolds sub-genres such as industrial noise, power electronics, ritual rhythmic dark ambient and other weird cross-overs.
Gaya Donadio is also known for promotion of underground music live events in London under the banner of Hinoeuma the Malediction/Level X/Confession, Hagshadow mail order and Six Comm & Schrage Music 
(mostly live events  and extra drumming/Drummer donadio).



Interview extracts: 


"My blasphemous philosophy is feeling contempt for all kinds of
religious cults enslaving the mind, projecting their guilt on others, abusing power

and condemning equal rights in society".

"A.C.L. is against genetic and fabricated forms of family and the inherent oppressive environment this brings (saintly). Obviously this incubates latent religious slavery as well as the more visible forms of oppression.

"The patriarchal expectation to breed for the continuity of this species, to carry secular disgrace in the womb…uh! You are all free to be slaves in whichever way but do not attempt to infect me with your paranoia and bigotry. 
Overpopulation is an issue as is vanity and boredom. 

"The abuse of children by the state as agents to affect my life through censorship and intellectual integrity is also an issue;
your paedophiles and rapists are your own inventions and natural offspring".

"ACL is just a chapter of my little world but no one’s life amusement or condemning thought"


Some Reviews

The Son review on Darkroom Magazine

ACL 'The Son' cd review in Russian published on “Repressed obscenities”

The Son cd review on 'NONPOP'


Interviews (broken) (broken)

IF you have these bronken links info please send them to us. Thanks.


on SIDE LINE zine

ACL  The Father (cd Hagshadow)

Posted on 28/11/08 Industrial Music CDs at Storming The Base

AntiChildLeague (ACL) brings a retrospective collection of experimental/harsh and melodic noise. This is the first complete album work from ACL in its ten years history of sporadic collaborations. Recorded both in London and in sight of the Italian Chapel Orkney between 1998 to 2008. The album was mixed by Godlesstate aka Patrick Leagas (6 Comm & Death in June), which for sure will catch the attention of many 6Comm-fans. I really like the definition of melodic noise as both elements together sound quite contradictory. The least I can say is that the sound is quite heavy mixing ambient and industrial components with each other. It all sounds quite oppressive and extremely dark. The Father is the kind of album you will like for its tormented character. The dark ritual parts will not leave any single listener unmoved. You feel like being immobilized like watching a thriller/horror movie, but The Father doesnt really has a happy end. The tormented sound leaded by scary vocals will haunt you till the very last track. This is pure sensation! The vocals are like a kind of imaginary witch floating throughout the wide dungeons of a haunted house. Just pay some attention for the Only One Mother-piece and youll immediately perceive what Im referring to. Another and definitely ritual sounding piece is the great E-Man. This is more into a kind of dark-ambient electro, but with a reinforced ritual mood. Im ending with the debut of The Father leading us into a more industrial area with the cool Gate To Heaven Gate To Hell where the devil in person seems to have contributed to this song. AntiChildLeague has to be handled with extreme care and is definitely a release for an experienced audience!





Pins and Cathedral Bells interview

by David  Carter -  R.I.P
David was also running this site

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